Your Medical care is our concern

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We are a customer focused insurance provider with the satisfaction of our clients at heart. We are team players with the requisite skills to ensure that your demands are met and your health problems solved coupled with a strong financial base and needed logistics to provide health care to you.

Cosmopolitan Value Proposition

Cosmopolitan Health Insurance is your optimum option for health risk management and administration for numerous but limited to five (5) relevant reasons.

1. Comprehensive medical package and coverage

At Cosmopolitan Health Insurance, you will enjoy a competitive benefit package covering 99% medical conditions, including in- patient and out-patient services. For instance, for electives such as Dental, members enjoy up to the full cover on either your in-patient and or out-patient benefit package. Conditions covered include but are not limited to Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV, and lenses and frames etc.
You will also enjoy a full range of superior medications that are prescribed by Health Service Providers qualified to do so by the Ministry of Health, the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana or the Pharmaceutical Council.

2. On – Site Clinic

At Cosmopolitan Health Insurance, you can enjoy services from an on-site clinic at no extra cost, provided staff and dependant membership is 400 and above. This is bringing healthcare right to your door-step. Our strong partnership with specialized providers in this area makes it easier for both parties in terms of timely, good quality healthcare provision.

3. Cosmopolitan Health Informed Health Line Service

At Cosmopolitan Health Insurance, we believe in building and maintaining life-time relationships with our members. You will enjoy services from a 24-hour operational health line that puts you in touch with our experienced and well-informed health insurance agents. The good thing is that operational numbers are handled by managers who will be at your service at any point in time.

4. Cosmopolitan will provide a Dedicated Account Manager

At Cosmopolitan, all insured company will have access to an account manager who shall serve as a liaison between the institution and health service providers. All complainants emanating from institution shall be addressed by the account manager at the call of the institution or its employees. Account managers are equipped with hotlines that are accessible 24/7 to ensure that clients receive quick response to their queries and challenges. We want to relieve the stress of human resource managers having to deal with work issues and managing employee health complaints.