Cosmopolitan Health Insurance

Cosmopolitan Health Insurance (CHI) is a private limited liability company duly registered under the laws of Ghana and licensed to operate per Act 852 of the National Health Insurance Law (2003).


Welcome to Cosmopolitan Health Insurance

Cosmopolitan Health Insurance seeks to transform the health care experience through a culture of excellence, care, quality service and innovation.

Cosmopolitan’s mission is to provide the highest levels of coverage possible to our clients. We work to ensure that our insurance products are of the highest standard possible and our plans provide high levels of flexibility with comprehensive coverage.

Cosmopolitan Mutual Health Insurance was established to support the government’s vision of providing affordable, accessible and quality healthcare to the general public. CMHI is licensed by the National Health Insurance Act 650 (2003); and as per the regulations of the act is authorized to undertake the following activities:

  • To provide, administer and manage private mutual health insurance schemes for corporate institutions and private individuals
  • To provide Third Party Administration (TPA) and management of healthcare schemes for corporate institutions and private individuals
  • To provide healthcare Top-Up services to corporate institutions and private individuals and
  • To provide healthcare cover for dependants of residents and non-resident Ghanaians

The company envisions becoming the preferred choice in the provision of innovative and quality health insurance to both individuals and corporate institutions. CMHI operates with a rich team of professionals in health insurance management, a dedicated staff, and a network of competent service providers in serving its prestigious scheme members. At CMHI, we keep our members healthy all the time by focusing on prevention and wellness with periodic education of our members.

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We Care About You


Cosmopolitan understand the partnership and commitment that it accepts at providing excellent services to its clients with its premium based health packages. The following core values will underpin Cosmopolitan’s service delivery.

  • Customer service relationship
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Excellence and
  • Responsiveness


The main core objective of CHI is to change the phase of health insurance in Ghana whiles making healthcare accessible and affordable to our scheme members.

We also aim at making prompt payment of claim to our service providers, so as to ensure continuous provision of service to our insured clients. Cosmopolitan Health Insurance will ensure optimal satisfaction to our clients and this will be achieved with an established Customer Service Relationship teams that will manage the accounts of our clients.


Cosmopolitan will maintain the highest principles of integrity, accountability, client privacy and confidentiality which shall be at the core of its business dispensation. At Cosmopolitan we understand that our client’s information are sensitive and as such our team of professional human resource will ensure that information of clients are protected with utmost care.