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COSMO CARE is a new product of CHI that tends at meeting the ESSENTIAL healthcare needs of all persons in Ghana. This package offers subscribers a reliable and efficient access to healthcare services and flexible payment terms. The annual premium must be paid within three months. (The annual premium can be paid either upfront or installment on daily, weekly or monthly) this makes it affordable and cost effective health insurance plan. COSMO CARE is available for all persons from all walks of life!!! With COSMO CARE, all individuals and their families HAVE GUARANTEED access to quality healthcare delivery.

Why COSMO Care?

Flexible: Annual premium is payable by various options available. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and should be completed within three months.

Affordable:  Providing you with quality basic healthcare at a very affordable price.

Reliable: Uninterrupted services from dedicated staff and dependable health Service Providers.

How it works

  • Applicant’s details are provided by completing an application form.
  • Applicants will be required to submit a passport size picture.
  • Applicant will declare pre- existing conditions.
  • Applicants will select one preferred Primary Care Provider from the list provided.
  • Applicants will indicate their preferred terms and mode of payment.
  • Registration fee and first premiums are paid by applicant.
  • One month waiting period will be observed after premium payment is completed.
  • Membership cards are printed and issued to member(s) within one month of premium payment.
  • Access to healthcare commences one month from date of payment of full premium.

How to access healthcare

  • Members are required to present membership cards at Preferred Primary Provider (PPP) to qualify them to receive services.
  • Subscribers are not to pay for any services within the benefit package at the point of service delivery.

Payment & Registration Mode

Short code: * 238*447≠

Cosmo Care App on play store


PREMIUM Contact for more information
Medical Consultation                                              Capped
Investigations                                              Capped
Prescribed Medication Capped
Accommodation  Capped
Maternity benefit (Waiting period 1 yr)                                                Capped
Surgery benefit (6 months waiting period) Capped