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Membership is open to persons, corporate bodies, organizations or any group of people. Dependants of the individual applying for membership.

You can join the scheme either as an individual on your own or through your employer.

When filling the CMHI Membership Registration Form, applicants are requested to: Declare their medical history and that of their dependants. Sign the medical history declaration form. Supply authentic information. Provide all relevant information. Regular payment of contribution.

Each member is required to attend to any of the service providers (hospital, clinic, or pharmacy) from CMHI a list of accredited service providers.

CMHI defines an emergency as a sudden or unexpected onset of a condition requiring medical or surgical care which the member secures after the onset of such condition (or as soon thereafter as care can be made available but which in any case is not later than 24 hours after onset) and in the absence of such care the member could reasonably be expected to suffer serious physical impairment or death. Examples include heart attacks, severe chest pain, cardiovascular accidents, haemorrhaging, poisoning, major burns, loss of consciousness, serious breathing difficulties, spinal injuries, shock and other acute conditions as CMHI shall determine are emergencies.